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LENYO Mobile Port | Lenyo Life - Bioregulation Technology (BRT) devices

LENYO Mobile Port

Programmable, pocket-size mobile BRT device

Charge Your Cells anywhere, anytime!

LENYO Mobile Port 

The LENYO Mobile Port (LMP) is a state-of-the-art, BRT device that uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to offer BRT in the office, at home or on-the-go.

Completely programmable, the LENYO Mobile Port offers a wide range of automated BRT programs and protocols that are designed to address specific areas and functions of the body. Four programs or protocols can be loaded from a computer into the device, and can be easily changed by simply downloading new ones from the software provided.

The Mobile Port is convenient, lightweight, battery-operated, easy to use and suitable for all age groups.


Who can use the LENYO Mobile Port?
  • The whole family – from newborns to seniors
  • Anyone who cares about their health and daily regeneration
  • Anyone who wants to improve and maintain their performance
  • Individual users, care-providers, practitioners
What programs does the LENYO Mobile Port have?
    • The LENYO Mobile Port offers 100 regular and 40 short BRT programs, as well as hundreds of protocols  that deal with a variety of health and wellness areas. The automated BRT programs are designed to address numerous aspects of wellbeing in everyday life and most situations.*

        • Individual and whole-family users
          • Vitality and balanced energy
          • Performance optimization
          • Stress
          • Sleep quality
          • Relaxation
          • Mood and emotional balance
          • Metabolic activity and digestion-related issues
          • Muscles, joints and flexibility
          • Circulatory system
          • Immune strength and processes
          • Concentration and mental performance
          • Learning support and memory
          • Anti-aging purposes, hormonal changes, libido
        • Professionals and healthcare centers
          • All kinds of physical trauma, micro- and macro-injuries, bone breaks, inflammatory processes, muscle and joint problems
          • Fatigue and exhaustion
          • Relaxation
          • Recovery and regeneration
          • Metabolic activity and digestion-related issues
          • Anti-aging
          • Mood and emotional balance
          • Libido and sexuality
          • Primary senses
          • Respiratory system
        • Chinese and Oriental medicine
          • Meridian and Chakra channels
        • Programs for animals
          • Relaxation, comfort and healing for pets, horses and livestock
          • Performance optimization and preventative therapy before and after travel and training for racehorses


      *Names of programs, protocols and application fields do not indicate any claim to the direct improvement of the associated conditions and physiological functions. These names define the specific adjustment and fine tuning of the device only.

How to use the LENYO Mobile Port?
  • How to use the LENYO Mobile Port?
    • All of the LENYO Mobile Port programs can be started with the press of a single button
    • Individual programs can be downloaded from the LMP software by simply connecting the device to a computer
    • Each program can be used two to four times a day
    • The LENYO Mobile Port has a built-in antenna, so it can be easily carried in a pocket, under a sweater or in the included neck lanyard
    • The LENYO Mobile Port runs on two (2) conventional AA 1.5 V batteries, or equivalent rechargeable (1.5 V) batteries
What are the advantages of the LENYO Mobile Port?
  • Advanced BRT-PEMF technology 
  • 140 programs  and hundreds of protocols to choose from
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Variable intensity options
  • Audio tones to indicate the beginning and end of each session
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Long product life and long warranty
  • Safe and non-invasive technology
  • No direct thermal effect or heating of tissues, and no direct generation of action potentials in the nerves
  • Ideal for in-home users, home-care providers, workers on-the-road, business and recreational travelers
  • Great price-to-value ratio
  • Made in the EU
What are the product specifications?

Brand-name: LENYO
Type: Mobile Port
Principle of operation: Generating magnetic field, according to preset
Indicators: 4 x LED
Signal emitter: internal signal emitter panel
Magnetic induction (on the surface of radiator): 10 μT (peak-to-peak amplitude of the fundamental harmonic in the whole range)
Frequency range: 1 Hz – 200 kHz (-3dB)
Supply: 2 batteries (AA), 1.5 V
Operating temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C
Relative humidity: max. 80 %
Sizes [mm]:H 100 x W 61 x L 21
Mass: 100g
Manufacturer: Hippocampus-BRT Ltd.
Made in: EU

What type of support do I receive with my order?
  • A comprehensive product manual that provides detailed instructions on how to use the device
  • Educational videos and online workshops on various topics
  • After-sales service and technical support – both email and telephone
What is the warranty period?
  • The LENYO Mobile Port BRT device comes with a three-year warranty for the main unit, and six months for the applicator pads and other accessories
  • As the original manufacturer of the BRT products, we provide direct servicing of all electronic parts for 10 years after the purchase date
Do I require training on this device?
    • The LENYO Mobile Port is simple and easy to operate. It does not require any specific training
    • You can also participate in one of our online workshops. Please go to Products, and select the Training-Education tab to find our workshops on devices, technology and other topics.


Do you provide technical support?
    • Yes, we provide full after-sale service and technical support. For help with you specific device, or for more information about BRT in general,  please message or call us at +36 70335 0586 or email us at You can also contact any of our distributors. 

What is in included in a LENYO Mobile Port set?

LENYO Mobile Port PEMF device

LENYO Mobile Port Device

This is the signal generator

Size: 10 x 6.1 x 2.1 cm

LENYO S size local pad

LENYO Pendrive and Cable

Information and installation software with download cable for PC connection

LENYO XL full body mat

Neck Pouch

Placing the device in it makes it easy to carry

Material: artificial leather


Why order from Hippocampus?

  • We are the original manufacturer
  • We ensure 100% QC inspection during all phases of manufacturing
  • We offer industry-leading quality and service with a competitive price tag
  • We offer superior after-sale service and technical support. We reply within 48 hours to questions or technical issues
  • Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority. We try to quickly address any questions or concerns about our products, shipping, packaging, etc.

      Do you provide technical support?

      • Yes, we provide full after-sale service and technical support
      • Please message us at +36 70 3350586 or email us at
      • You can also contact any of our distributors

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