Partner Program

Partner with us and help the world discover BRT Technology!


HOW TO APPLY: We offer five different partner opportunities. Please review and decide the partner type that best fits your needs. After you have made your decision, download the correlating application form via a link under each partner section. Please complete the form and return to us at Allow up to five (5) business days for us to process your request.

As a LENYO partner, you play a key role in spreading the word about BRT technology and products. For this reason, it’s important that we partner with individuals, teams, businesses, and corporations that share our passion and our mission to promote BRT technology and make BRT products accessible to everyone around the world! 


Referral Partner

As a Referral Partner you will receive a 5% commission in redeemable points every time a customer you refer makes a purchase!


Reseller Partner


As a Reseller Partner, you can purchase BRT products at a wholesale rate, that you can then offer in your office, clinic or store. The discount amount is determined by the value and quantity of the products you purchase.


Professional Partner

Whether you are a professional sports athlete or team leader, a company that cares about the health of its employees, a gym or salon that wants to integrate additional wellbeing services, a private caregiver or care provider agency, or a live-in facility that wants to offer BRT to your residents — you can become a Professional Partner and receive an exclusive discount on all BRT product purchases.


Demo Partner

As a Demo Partner, you can earn a substantial income with your BRT device.  All you need to do is register your own BRT device or facility as a live demonstration site where potential users can come to experience BRT first-hand before making a purchase.


LENYO Matrix Holistic Center Franchise Partner

You can have your own independly-operating LENYO Holistic Center. As a Franchise Partner, we will support you with both the initial start-up and ongoing training. While keeping a focus on the overall LENYO mission of making BRT accessible to all, you will have access to all of our knowledge and resources. Just like our Matrix Holistic Center, your center will be a showcase for LENYO BRT technology and devices, as well as many other practices and solutions intended to promote a healthy body, sound mind and optimal quality of life.



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