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The state-of-the-art, LENYO mobile BRT devices offer a unique approach to health and wellness that uses advanced Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) signalling to help promote natural healing activites and balance in both mind and body.  Small and lightweight, they are battery-operated, easy to operate, and can be used anytime and anywhere by children, adults, seniors and professionals. The LENYO mobile devices are affordable and offer advanced BRT programs that address of wide variety of physical and emotional wellness areas.

The mobile BRT devices emit signals in the range of 1 Hz -200 kHz.

LENYO Mobile

The LENYO Mobile BRT device is convenient, lightweight, battery-operated and suitable for all ages. Pocket-size and discreet, it is ideal for business travelers, vacationers, and people who are frequently on-the-go socially or at work. The LENYO Mobile is a multi-channel device that supports four different communication channels simultaneously. With six preconfigured BRT programs, the LENYO Mobile addresses some of the most common health and wellness issues found in everyday life.

LENYO Mobile Port

Completely programmable, the LENYO Mobile Port BRT device is small and lightweight, and can be easily worn under a shirt, in a neck lanyard (included) or in your pocket. It offers 100 regular and 40 short automated BRT programs, as well as hundreds of protocols that deal with a variety of health and wellness areas. Four programs or protocols can be loaded from a computer into the device, and can be easily changed by simply downloading new ones from the software provided. The LENYO Mobile Port is ideal for individuals, care-providers and anyone on-the-go. It is battery-operated, easy to use and suitable for all age groups.

Edina Kotsis

Taekwondo, silver Olympic medalist, European Champion and 16-time Hungarian Champion

My leg was injured at a competition abroad – my metatarsus broke but there was no swelling, edema or pain. After any injury I immediately use a LENYO BRT device.”

Balazs Kiss

Wrestling, World Champion

I often need regeneration and perfect concentration. I want to give a 100% performance. I use the LENYO BRT devices consistently.”

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      Do you provide technical support?

      • Yes, we provide full after-sale service and technical support
      • Please message us at +36 70 3350586 or email us at lenyo@lenyolife.com
      • You can also contact any of our distributors

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