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PEMF-BRT Technology FAQ

Are PEMF-based devices approved by the FDA?

PEMF-based therapy and devices have been FDA-approved for certain conditions.

1998 – FDA approves PEMF Therapy for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation.

2004 – FDA approves PEMF Therapy for cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion.

2006 – FDA approves PEMF Therapy for treatment of depression and anxiety.

2011 – FDA approves PEMF Therapy for treatment of brain cancer.

2015 –FDA reclassifies PEMF devices from their existing Class 3 category to a Class 2 status; most PEMF devices that are sold today in the United States are FDA-registered as wellness devices.


Is PEMF-based technology called anything else?

PEMF-based technology may be referred to by a number of different terms: electromagnetism, electromagnetic pads, electromagnetic therapy, PEMF therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, Bioresonance Therapy…

Can BRT work in tandem with other modalities?

Yes! BRT is completely safe to use in conjunction with other modalities. It does not cancel or suppress the effects of other modalities, in fact, BRT can enhance other therapies by enabling better communication abilities between the biological units targeted by the other modalities . . . in essence, creating healing synergies.

What is the difference between exogenous (non-biofeedback) and endogenous (biofeedback) devices?

BRT devices have pre-programmed, ready-to-use BRT programs and protocols (packages of signals) that cover all possible aspects of a given problem. Endogenous (biofeedback) BRT devices capture the body’s own internally-generated information (signalling) and then use advanced BRT technology to adjust that information and then feed it back to the body as slightly modified signals.

What is Intensity?

Intensity is the strength (or density) of the electromagnetic field (EMF) signal administered to the body. The magnetic field density for each specific LENYO BRT device is stated on the device lable. The signal intensity — on all BRT devices — is always below the strength of the Earth’s own magnetic field, therefore it doesn’t represent any kind of distress or overwhelming effect to the user.

What is Frequency?

Frequency measures how many times the EMF signal cycles per second.

What is Waveform?

A waveform is the shape of the EMF signal. A signal can have many different shapes such as square, saw tooth, sinusoidal, pulse train, etc.

What is the difference between the signals emitted by LENYO BRT products and other PEMF devices?

– Intensity: PEMF devices with an intensity above 70 µT (measurement of magnetic field density) will automatically create thermal effects and may heat up the cells slightly. In some cases, this heating of tissues may have a circulatory effect.
Also, when signal intensity is higher than the Earth’s own magnetic field strength, cell function can be directly effected. If the signal intensity is high enough, the cells may react mechanically and initiate a change in function – rather than adapting via natural regulation communications. LENYO BRT devices operate at a maximum of 10 µT (p-p) intensity level, which is still only 20% of the strength of the magnetic field of the Earth – making LENYO BRT devices 100% non-invasive. They DO NOT heat up, vibrate or influence the natural operation of human or animal cells. There is no tissue exhaustion, over-stimulation or tolerance build-up. All changes and sensations during a BRT session are due to gentle BRT signals enabling better cellular information processing.

– Frequency: Typical PEMF devices  produce waves in the frequency range of 1-10.000Hz, and usually change their broadcast range only a few times per treatment session.
The LENYO CellCom biofeedback device produces waves in the frequency range of 1-1.000.000Hz, and other LENYO BRT devices produce waves in the frequency range of 1-200.000Hz. LENYO BRT devices change their broadcast range a minimum of 60 times per second in order to avoid any over-heating, vibration or other invasive effects on the cells. This frequent and flexible signal modulation can also more efficiently adjust to the complexities of the natural self-regulation functions of the body.

– Signal shape:  PEMF devices most often produce sinus, sawtooth, and square waveforms, although they may also produce trapezoidal, rectangular, impulse, triangular, and many other shapes.
LENYO BRT devices always produce special rectangle waveforms.

What is the frequency range of LENYO devices?

The LENYO CellCom biofeedback device produces waves in the frequency range of 1-1.000.000Hz, and other LENYO BRT devices produce waves in the frequency range of 1-200.000Hz.

What is LENYO devices' waveform?

LENYO BRT devices always produce special rectangle waveforms.

How are BRT EMFs different from harmful electromagnetic fields?

Harmful electromagnetic fields – such as Wi-Fi’s, mobile phones, computers, wireless devices, cell towers, electric cars, etc. — have been recognized in various research studies to have significant heating and vibration effects on living tissues. Also, the electromagnetic pulses of these harmful – and usually man-made — EMFs are extremely monotonous and repetitive because they they consist of a single frequency ”aimed” at one spot over and over again. This is the exact opposite of the body’s natural electromagnetic vibrations that vary in frequency and modulate in time.

Is the signal emitted by the antennas harmful? Does it emit electro smog? Can the signals emitted by LENYO BRT products intefere with other devices?

LENYO BRT devices operate at a maximum of 10 µT (p-p) intensity level, which is still only 20% of the strength of the magnetic field of the Earth – making LENYO BRT devices 100% non-invasive.

BRT works at the body’s own signal level. The technology is extremely safe due to its low signal level and asymmetric properties. Electro smog is the term used for signals that interfere with homeostasis. The body’s own signal level does not emit electro smog.

LENYO BRT devices are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality assurance systems, and are tested by an external inspection body to 60601 and 55011 standards to be sure they do not interfere with other devices.

Will I feel anything during the session?

LENYO BRT devices are non-invasive and pain-free. Typically, you will not feel any uncomfortable or negative sensation during a session. Many people experience a feeling of well-being and relaxation during and after a BRT session.

How will I feel after a BRT session?

Your post-BRT experience is very individual and depends on the severity of your condition, your overall health and lifestyle, and a number of other factors. In general, people report feeling a variety of physical, emotional and mental improvements.

  • More relaxed
  • Less pain
  • Greater range of motion in joints
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Enhanced motor coordination
  • Less anxious
  • More mental clarity
  • Better sleep

Is BRT safe for everybody?

Yes! BRT devices are completely safe, because the intensity of the EMF signals they emit is only 20% of the intensity of the Earth’s own natural electromagnetic field. Also, the frequency level of the EMF signals generated by LENYO BRT devices are constantly modulating and changing to mirror the body’s own adaptation activities and to avoid heating, vibration and other other invasive effects on cells and tissues.

Everyone can use LENYO BRT devices – from the very young to the elderly, from sedentary individuals to those that exercise daily. Essentially, anyone from any age group and at any level of wellness or fitness, including animals of all species, can benefit from using BRT devices without experiencing any negative side effects.


There are a few specific cases where BRT therapy is contraindicated.


  • During pregnancy . . . while there are no known adverse effects and no evidence of harm caused by using LENYO BRT devices (or any other PEMF-based devices) during pregnancy, their safety has not yet been conclusively established
  • If you have epilepsy
  • If you have a pacemaker . . . please consult with your doctor or pacemaker manufacturer about field strength prior to the use of any BRT / PEMF devices
  • If you have any concerns regarding your health, you are advised to consult with your physician and healthcare provider before using any LENYO device

    Is BRT safe to use on infants and young children?

    Please check with with your physician for use with children under the age of 14. Young children under 3 years of age can use BRT while sitting on the lap of their mother. For them, it is recommended they be at least 3 inches away from the antenna/pad.

    Can people with a heart problem use BRT devices?

    Please consult your doctor if you have a specific heart issue. Because BRT devices emit extremely low-intensity signals, BRT can be used in conjunction with other homeopathic and allopathic therapies and treatments, including medication.

    Can the devices be used after metal implantation?

    Yes . . . the magnitude of the magnetic induction is extremely small. On average, the Earth emits 50 Micro Tesla, and LENYO BRT devices only emit 10 Micro Tesla from peak to peak.

    Can I use BRT devices if I'm taking blood pressure medication?

    Yes . . .you may use BRT devices if you are currently taking blood pressure medication. However, you are advised to check with your doctor or medical professional about your specific situation, before using LENYO BRT devices or any other frequency-based therapies. Certain medications may make users more sensitive to BRT technology, and users who choose to use LENYO BRT devices are doing so at their own risk.

    Can cancer patients use the Lenyo devices?

    Yes. Cancer patients can use LENYO BRT devices alongside other medical treatments and therapies. Consult your licensed healthcare professional regarding your specific situation.

    Is it dangerous to use the technology too much?

    It is not possible to overdose on BRT technology, and there are no known negative effects from using it too much. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with each device.  

    How can I maximize the benefits of a BRT session?

    Staying hydrated and a diet rich in magnesium are two of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of BRT therapy.

    BRT device FAQ

    Do LENYO BRT devices diagnose or treat health conditions?

    LENYO BRT devices do NOT diagnose or treat any diseases, illnesses, or injuries. They do NOT stimulate or heat tissue. They do NOT influence cells on any physical or chemical level in an invasive manner.

    LENYO BRT devices DO create an environment in which the natural communication processes of cells can function better. BRT addresses communication difficulties within and between cells, in order to support the body’s natural self-regulation and healing abilities.

    If you have any specific concerns regarding your health, you are advised to consult with your physician and healthcare provider before using any LENYO device

    How often can I use my LENYO BRT device? How many programs can I run in a row?

    In general, BRT is safe for daily use. With exogenous (non-biofeedback) devices, we recommend daily sessions to get the most benefit. The endogenous (biofeedback – LENYO CellCom) devices should be used no more than two times per week.

    After any BRT session, it is important to allow some time for your body to adjust to the BRT input and fully integrate the benefits. For some users, the adjustment time might be just a few minutes, and for others, it could be several hours. Because no two users are alike and each device is different, we always recommend that users 1) refer to the device manual for specific program information, and 2) tune into their own innate body wisdom to determine when enough is enough. For those who are energetically more sensitive, we recommend taking “rest days” as needed. Similar to any workout routine, it is the responsibility of the user to determine when rest days are required!

    Do the program names correlate with body parts and physiologic functions?

    BRT program names give you a high-level idea of when to use that particular program. In the background it is more complex, but, in general, a program name is a good indicator of what communication channels and self-regulation areas are supported by that program.

     Because the brief BRT program names cannot fully convey all the different application fields that comprise the program, it is a good practice to search for a specific health issue in the program names AND also in the program description. Often multiple program descriptions will mention the same issue. You can use any, or all, of them.

    There is a very wide range of programs. How do I know which one to use?

    The BRT program names can help you choose which program(s) to use. In general, select a program or program combination (protocol) that closely matches the same name as your health concern. For specific program descriptions and information, refer to the product manual.

    For the professional BRT devices (Lux Pro, SanoCenter, CellCom), we offer ready-made protocols and training (CellCom).

    Should I buy a device with full-body applicator mat, a pillow-size applicator pad or a mobile device?

    Many BRT device sets that come with a full-body applicator mat, will include a localised, pillow-size applicator pad as well. The lightweight, mobile BRT devices have a built-in antenna that allows you to use the device on-the-go – anytime and anywhere. And some of them can be equipped with a full-body applicator mat or pillow-size applicator pad for a more intense effect.

    How long are the programs?

    The length of the programs depends on the type of device and the specific application. Some programs are only six minutes long, while others may run for almost 10 hours. Please refer to the device manual for specific program information.

    Does the size of the applicator mat or pad matter?

    Yes. The larger the pad, the more intense the effect. Due to the large emitting area, a full-body applicator mat is always ideal. The effects of the large applicator mats can be further enhanced by placing a pillow-size pad directly on the site of the problem at the same time. Large applicator mats are best used lying on a bed, while smaller applicator pads can be used in a chair, at a desk or in the car.

    Are there any side effects from using Lenyo BRT devices?

    There are no known side affects from using LENYO BRT devices.

    What is the INTENSITY button for on certain LENYO BRT devices?

    Intensity is the strength (or density) of the electromagnetic field (EMF) signal administered to the body. The INTENSITY button is used to select the intensity level of the session*

      • NORMAL and SENSITIVE options
        • NORMAL intensity should be selected for adults in relatively good condition
        • SENSITIVE intensity should be selected for children, seniors or users in a weakened condition
      • UP, DOWN and UP&DOWN options (available only with the full-body applicator mat)
        • Users with a weak tone should adjust the intensity upward (UP)
        • Users with high blood pressure, muscle spasms or autonomic nervous system problems should adjust the intensity downward (DOWN)
        • Users who are athletic, in good physical condition, have a good circulatory system, and are not acidic can use the UP&DOWN intensity option 

    *The magnetic field density for each specific LENYO BRT device is stated on the device lable. The signal intensity on all BRT devices is always below the strength of the Earth’s own magnetic field, therefore it doesn’t represent any kind of distress or overwhelming effect to the user.

    Do I have to be a licensed, medical professional to purchase a LENYO BRT device?

    No. Anyone can purchase a LENYO BRT device for at-home or business use. Anyone interested in becoming a CERTIFIED LENYO USER is required to complete formal training provided by the company.

    What is the warranty on LENYO BRT devices?

    LENYO World (manufacturer) offers a 3-year warranty on all LENYO BRT devices and a 6-month warranty on accessories. The warranty is determined from the date of purchase or installation indicated on the invoice.

    Does LENYO World offer customer service for LENYO BRT devices?

    Yes. Customer service is a top priority. We offer superior after-sale service and technical support. We reply within 48 hours to questions or technical issues. If you have any questions or concerns about BRT or your LENYO BRT device, please contact us at:

    • E-mail: 
    • Phone: + 36 70 3827291  (Monday through Friday CET 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

    Where are LENYO BRT devices manufactured?

    LENYO BRT devices are designed and manufactured with domestic and foreign components in the EU – Budapest, Hungary.

    LENYO Space Harmoniser FAQ

    How long does it take to feel the effects of the LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device?

    According to practitioner feedback and user testimonials, most users notice positive changes in their well-being and improvement in their physical condition within 10 days of first using the LENYO Space Harmonizer. In every session, the body is responding to qualitative changes in the biofield – the only question is when the user notices them. A person who is sensitive and more aware of his or her body’s signals may notice the effects of the LENYO Space Harmonizer sooner, while a person who is more intensely extraverted, may notice the effects later.


    Are the changes in the biofield always positive?

    The biological effect of a quality improvement in the biofield is always positive. However, different people may experience this change differently. If the beneficial adaptation of the body starts faster than is comfortable for the person, this may cause temporary discomfort to the user. (It is like when a wound itches while it is healing.) In these cases, it is advisable to move the LENYO Space Harmoniser a little further away from the body.



    How long does it take to realign the biofield?

    Depending on the amount of time someone has spent previously maintaining his or her biofield, the process can take anywhere from several days to a couple of months. For most people, due to a less than perfect lifestyle, realigning the biofield is more likely to be measured in months rather than days. This realignment process may produce some intense physical and/or emotional reactions in the first two months, as previously hidden issues emerge. It is recommended – and worthwhile – to consult an experienced naturopath to help manage this clearing process.



    Can more than one LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device be used in the same location? The same building?

    Yes. In fact, in the following cases, it is strongly recommended to use multiple devices

    • Where thick, reinforced concrete partitions divide the space. The LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT devices are automatically interconnected to form a network that influences each other’s operation, so that the biofield in a large structure with walls can be harmonised
    • Where there are high-power antenna or transformers near the building

    What should I do if I am disturbed by the green LED light on top of the LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device?

    There is no method to turn the LED light off. Instead, turn that side of the device face down or cover the LED light — or whole device — with a cloth or a book.

    Should I use the LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device at night?

    Yes. Most of the undesirable field effects on our biofield are are also present at night.

    Can I keep the LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device switched on for long periods of time?

    Yes. In places where the biofield is constantly exposed to excessive influences, it is advised to leave the unit on at all times. Excessive influences may include wireless telecommunication systems, strong ground radiation, and proximity to high voltage transmission lines and power conversion systems. It is also recommended to leave the LENYO Space Harmoniser switched on in automobiles for the entire duration of the journey.

    Can the LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device be used in all types of automobiles – internal combustion, electric, hybrid?

    Yes. The LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device can be – and should be – used in all types of vehicles.

    • Spark plugs in internal combustion engines generate very strong electromagnetic fields when they create sparks – which affect the biofields of the people in the car
    • Another common biofield effect from an automobile is the electromagnetic field generated by the structure and movement of the tires. Today’s tires are comprised of structures of synthetic rubber galvanised onto a steel mesh (radial tires) which create significant electromagnetic fields through their rapid movement
    • Also, today’s modern cars are fully computerised. This means the overall operation of the car produces significant electromagnetic fields. In addition, there are also the effects of the navigation system, the Bluetooth connections to smart devices, and the operation of the touch screen. All of these factors can significantly affect our biofield while driving


    Is it OK to use the LENYO Space Harmoniser BRT device with other LENYO BRT devices?

    Yes. All products in the LENYO suite of BRT devices complement and support each other. Using the LENYO Space Harmoniser in tandem with other LENYO BRT devices will make each device more effective and enhance the therapy experience by enabling better adaptability and utilisation of biologically important information.

    • Socrates taught that the soul creates the body (and all matter). The biofield is the interface of this process. In oriental teachings, the manifestation of this continuous outflow (biofield) is Chi, the life force which has two aspects – Yin and Y The ever-changing phases of these two are represented by the Five Natures of the Cycle described in the Five Elements doctrine, which says that if the soul’s connection with any part of the outflow process is inadequate, there will be a disturbance in the flow and this will have consequences at the level of bodily processes. These consequences are called symptoms. LENYO devices help this flow.
    • The LENYO Space Harmoniser significantly helps in the performance of the other LENYO devices because it clears blockages and enables the flow of energy that supports the communication processes between the Chi flow inside the body (tissue chi) and the Chi flow outside the body (costmic Chi).
    • The benefit of using more than one LENYO device at a time is that if the flow is supported from more than one angle, it is easier to keep the parts of the body involved in the process of When the quality of flow improves significantly after a major blockage has been cleared, there can be a noticeable effect. This positive change then progresses in a chain reaction, with all the connected biological units adapting to the new situation in cooperation.
    • Using multiple BRT devices clears as many blockages as possible at the same time, so that the free flow of Chi can ensure the right coordination of mental and tissue processes.

    Why do old symptoms, sometimes, temporarily reappear after using BRT? (e.g., a fractured ankle from childhood starts to hurt again)

    When the body is injured, but not fully healed to the original state during recovery, then the body gets used to this new and functional – but not completely restored – state. When using BRT, the body is given the opportunity to recover perfectly again. It is during this process of cell regeneration that you might experience some discomfort in areas of old injury, because the whole body – not only the targeted area or condition – is responding with improved cellular communication and biofield flow.

    If there is a temporary symptom ”flare-up,” you should take notice that it is an area that needs more attention in order to fully heal – which can be done by addressing that area with targeted BRT. Most of the times these sensations are temporary. On occasion you may experience these sensations during a session – for maybe 1-2 minutes – but by the end of the program, the area calms down and the symptoms dissappear.

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