“My objective is to research and educate the scientific, clinical
and public communities related to the biophysical approach
in biology and medicine; to develop applications in
bio-regulation technology and other functional modalities.”

Gabor Lednyiczky

Founder of Hippocampus-Brt Ltd

Developer of Bio-Regulation Technology

LENYO BRT technology is inspired by nature

Designed to mirror the natural vibrations of the Earth’s magnetic fields, BRT works in the same way to transmit different types of biological information throughout the body. Like an orchestra that combines a mix of instruments, notes and tones to create one harmonious sound, LENYO BRT devices use multiple frequencies and variable signalling to facilitate cohesive, synchronized, biological communications – resulting in better self-regulation and the physical and emotional balance that nature intended.

LENYO Advanced BRT technology

  • Bio-regulation Technology (BRT) combines advanced Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) signaling technology with innate biological communications
  • LENYO offers both exogenous and endogenous device options
  • BRT has the clearest, most precise and broadest range of signaling in the PEMF industry
  • BRT supports natural signal processing, and like this enables dormant adaptation capabilities

Gentle, low-intensity, natural waves

  • BRT electromagnetic signals are emitted in the range of the body’s own signaling level. That is why LENYO BRT devices are safe to use and will not overload the natural electromagnetic activities of tissues
  • BRT signals are (at maximum) only 10% of the intensity of the earth’s natural magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field reaches to an average of 50 micro Tesla, while the LENYO BRT devices emit only 10 micro Tesla from peak to peak (Bmax = +/- 5 micro Tesla)
  • No direct thermal effects, no heating – LENYO BRT devices do not heat up tissues — in contrast to some other types of PEMF-based devices that operate in an intensity rage of over 75 micro Tesla

Safe to use

  • There are no known side effects of BRT technology. Anyone can use it — from the newborn to the elderly.
  • Individuals suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician or healthcare professional before using any BRT device.

LENYO BRT synchronizes the body and mind

When our cells are functioning properly, we experience a boost in overall wellness.

Optimize your life!

Whether you’re looking for an increase in motivation or you want to be full of energy, LENYO is the key. Whatever challenges you may face, whatever circumstances are weighing you down, LENYO will optimize your life energy and help you succeed.

Discover your true potential!

LENYO BRT has a cumulative effect — with each use, your cells get stronger, improve their energy output and become more resilient to stress.

Speed of light

  • The body is a complex organism with many interconnected systems and sub-systems. On average, more than 100,000 adaptational processes occur in our cells each second during our entire lifetime. The internal electromagnetic communication processes that deliver the information and synchronize homeodynamics take place practically with the speed of light.
  • LENYO BRT technology provides an adequate support when blockages occur in these communication processes due to live transduction of actual ongoing signalling processes.
  • The result of this true biofeedback feature is that all the ongoing changes in the body’s electromagnetic communication are taken into account with the speed of light. 
  • The self-regulation processes of the organism need all the details about the ever-modulating and fluctuating signals from within the organism and from the environment, and the LENYO BRT supports optimal availability of those signals.  

Wide frequency range

  • The LENYO endogenous device uses electrodes and antennas for signal delivery, and primarily operate in the frequency range of 0,1Hz to 1MHz. The harmonics reach beyond 10 MHz, which covers the entire vibrational range of water molecules, the most abundant component of the human body (99% of the molecules of the human body are water molecules and they play a crucial role in information transduction).
  • The exogenous devices create the carrier waves through custom made antennas only and primarily operate in the frequency range of 0,1Hz to 200kHz. The harmonics also in this case reach beyond 10 MHz.
  • By generating complex, multi-frequency carrier waves LENYO BRT devices make possible to create very complex carrier waves, which are integrated into the programs and protocols.

Flexible options

  • LENYO BRT devices offer a comprehensive selection of models regarding functions and application fields:
    • Professional devices, which contain programs and protocols for all the different application fields
    • Preprogrammed, specific devices for targeted applications
    • Portable, reprogrammable devices for home and professional use
    • Different sizes of applicators are available for all units
    • Several hundreds of session protocols are available for easy download
    • Specific models for workplace and home use
    • Easy application possibilities while commuting and on the go
    • Easy to operate sofware
    • A wide range of application fields including health and wellness, sports therapy, education and personal development, workplace productivity enchancement and veterinary medicine


  • LENYO BRT devices can work alone or be used in conjunction with other modalities and therapies – both conventional and holistic.
  • When using BRT together with another modality, one should consult a doctor or a naturopath to carry out the sessions.

Safe, recognized and industry-compliant

  • PEMF technology and devices are considered safe by major scientific and medical organizations
  • PEMF-based therapy is FDA-approved in the US for specific applications
  • LENYO BRT devices are FDA-registered
  • Low-intensity PEMF signals prevent tissue exhaustion, over-stimulation and tolerance buildup
  • LENYO BRT functions like a local WI-FI and overbridges tissue blockages
  • BRT uses the body’s own biological information to generate cellular feedback signals (LENYO CellCom)

Manufactured in Europe

  • PEMF is well-established worldwide and used by millions of professionals and end-users, including physicians, wellness practitioners, health facilities and international organizations
  • PEMF technology has been available in Europe for more than 50 years 
  • Hippocampus manufactures PEMF- BRT devices since 1993

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