LENYO Home Devices

At-home BRT support for a healthy lifestyle

Charge Your Cells!

In today’s health-conscious culture, more and more people are setting up exercise equipment, using wellness-oriented devices and practicing health-beneficial routines right in their own homes. 

Based on Pulsed Electromagentic Field (PMF) technology, the LENYO home BRT devices are designed for everyday personal use, and address a wide range of both physical and emotional wellness areas – whether short-term or chronic. They are reasonably priced, easy to operate and used with whole-body and small applicator pads. LENYO home options include BRT units that can be started with the push of a single button, as well as customizable devices that are controlled and programmed with a laptop computer.

The home BRT devices emit signals in the range of 1 Hz-200 kHz.

LENYO Fractal

The LENYO Fractal is a powerful, home-use, BRT device that is designed to address a large variety of common health and wellness areas. With 32 automated BRT programs and over 100 program combinations, the LENYO Fractal is portable, easy to use and suitable for adults, children and seniors. The LENYO Fractal is used with whole-body and small applicator pads, and two people can use the device at the same time when two applicator pads are connected to the devices.

LENYO Meridian

The LENYO Meridian BRT device is designed to specifically address the body’s energy systems, including meridians, chakras, and yin and yang balance. With 32 automated and energy-focused, BRT programs, the LENYO Meridian can be used with whole-body and small applicator pads. It can be used by children, adults and seniors, and is ideal for anyone focused on energy, elemental, movement,  meditative and breath modalities.

LENYO Fitness

The LENYO Fitness BRT device is convenient, easy to use, simple to learn, and suitable for all age groups. The LENYO Fitness is designed for regular sports enthusiasts and people with locomotor problems. The LENYO Fitness can run two different sets of subprograms, with pauses inserted. The shorter program set (27 minutes) stops after going through all the subprograms, while the longer program set (1 hour 51 minutes) runs in repeated cycles. The LENYO Fitness is operated via two buttons on the device, and uses applicator pads (mattresses) to receive signals.

LENYO Lux Plus

The LENYO Lux Plus (LLP) is a wellness BRT device that is controlled by a personal computer. The software is easy to use and requires no special computer skills. The user can customize protocols, duration and intensity from an infinite combination of 136 programs and over 100 compiled protocols.  The LLP is comprehensive, programmable, simple to learn, and suitable for all age groups. The LLP uses pads (mattresses) to receive signals.

Edina Kotsis

Taekwondo, silver Olympic medalist, European Champion and 16-time Hungarian Champion

My leg was injured at a competition abroad – my metatarsus broke but there was no swelling, edema or pain. After any injury I immediately use a LENYO BRT device.”

Balazs Kiss

Wrestling, World Champion

I often need regeneration and perfect concentration. I want to give a 100% performance. I use the LENYO BRT devices consistently.”

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      Do you provide technical support?

      • Yes, we provide full after-sale service and technical support
      • Please message us at +36 70 3350586 or email us at lenyo@lenyolife.com
      • You can also contact any of our distributors

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