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Become a Professional Partner

The Professional Partner Program is for professional individuals looking to integrate BRT into their sports regimen, and businesses or facilities that want to add BRT to their health and wellness programs or suite of services. By offering BRT, professional partners can provide added value in the way of improved health and performance, as well as a new service for earning extra income.


As a Professional Partner, we will work with you to develop an affordable BRT integration plan that will address your company’s or facility's specific needs. You will also receive a customized discount on all BRT product purchases.


We will help to identify the best BRT products for your sports program, company or facility


The LENYO BRT devices can be customized to provide specific programs and protocols tailored to the needs of each user


To help prepare you for providing BRT services at your company or facility, we offer an in-person or online introductory workshop, continuous education programs and on-demand trainings


Based on your specific needs, we will determine a customized discount on all BRT product purchases

To apply to be a Professional Partner, please submit the completed APPLICATION FORM to We will review your application and get back to you within five (5) business days.



Give the gift of wellness to your employees

If you are a small business, mid-size company, or large coporation looking to increase productivity and promote harmony at the workplace, then LENYO BRT is ideal for you and your employees.

LENYO BRT devices offer workplace-specific programs that not only activate energy, focus, motivation, and productivity, but also help employees to relax and practice mindfulness throughout the work day. BRT sessions can easily fit into any busy schedule, and with the portable LENYO Mobile device, employees can easily move around the office.

Gyms and Health Clubs

Contribute to the health and wellness of your members

Looking to add game-changing performance and recovery technology to your facility? If you are a gym, health club, recovery center, sports complex or any other sports organization, then LENYO BRT technology is the perfect choice for your company and members. BRT is a great tool for increasing energy and motivation before exercise, improving strength and endurance during a workout, and helping with optimized recovery on off days. LENYO BRT devices offer advanced BRT programs and protocols designed specifically to complement any gym or recovery routine.

Professional Athletes & Teams Partner

Improve performance, recovery and mental strength!

Professional athletes, team trainers, sports directors, coaches, and others organization leaders who want to improve performance, increase endurance and speed up recovery times for themselves and/or their teams can significantly benefit from BRT technology. With programs and protocols designed specifically for sports-related issues, LENYO BRT devices can help with the physical emotional and psychological demands placed on professional athletes and teams.

Care Provider

Help your clients heal quickly and restore balance

Whether you are a private care provider, a small professional practice, a multi-practitioner wellness clinic, or a large healthcare facility, BRT technology can help your clients heal naturally, recover quickly and maintain optimal wellbeing. LENYO BRT devices are easy to use, networkable and scalable. With programs that address both physical and emotional health issues, LENYO BRT devices are based on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology which is known to be extremely powerful for recharging the human body — especially after illness or exhaustion.

Beauty and Massage Salons

Enhance the client experience!

Salon owners, massage therapists, and spa managers who want to make guests feel beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside, can achieve that with BRT technology.

BRT helps to restore the flow of ”cellular information” in the body – which means clients look and feel younger, and LENYO BRT devices can work alongside beauty and massage sessions to help clients relax during treatments and leave rejuvenated afterward. Customized BRT programs enable quicker and more significant results. With BRT, you truly will be supporting the concept of ”beauty comes from within”.

  • Beauty programs:skin, detox, lymphatic system, sleep issues, stress management, anti-aging, nails, hair, connective tissue, digestion
  • Massage programs: relaxation, lymphatic and peripheral circulation, inflammation, Meridian energy flow, Chakra activities, muscle tension and metabolic activity, joint-specific programs, energy balance, vegetative balance

Geriatric Facility

Help your residents feel better – both physically and mentally!

There is nothing better than seeing one of our elderly loved ones live a long, happy and healthy life. If you are the owner, director or manager of a temporary or permanent facility for the care of the elderly, with BRT technology, you can help your residents feel strong and healthly overall – or heal quickly and naturally in the case of injustry or illness.

BRT technology has proven to be very effective for helping the elderly client with physical stamina, muscle strength, digestion, joint mobility, sleep quality and daily recovery. Additionally, BRT sessions can considerably improve mental freshness and clarity because they help to improve information processing capabilties. The anti-aging benefits of BRT therapy has also been acclaimed by many geriatric users.

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