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Our goal is to make this modern, side-effect-free method accessible for everyone.

Our Story

Hippocampus-BRT Ltd. was founded in 1993 by Gabor Lednyiczky, who had a vision to integrate all of the different approaches to bio-cybernetics. With the ultimate goal of designing wellness devices that truly help the self-regulation and healing activities of the body, Lednyiczky developed Bioregulation Technology (BRT).

BRT is based on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)  and biofeedback technology. It supports the body’s self-regulation and adaptation processes through the better availability of biologically essential signals.

Hippocampus develops and manufactures the LENYO brand of PEMF-based BRT wellness devices. In addition to these devices, we also develop BRT protocol sofware, application methods and education material. Additionally, we provide detailed training programs on how to use, operate and realize the full potential of BRT technology.

Since the start of the company in 1993, Hippocampus has had many successes – proving that BRT is a valid, scientifically-recognized and widely-used technology. Our products are currently distributed in 43 countries, including both local and international distribution.

With our broad suite of products and our world-wide distribution, the goal of Hippocampus is to make BRT – a modern, side-effect-free, approach to health and wellness – accessible for everyone.


Our Values and Benefits

Research and Development

All Hippocampus R&D has been in-house since the company started in 1993. We develop all hardware, and our sofware development and updates are dictated by our customer’s needs.


We are the original manufacturer of LENYO BRT devices. We also manufacture private-label devices on demand. Our 30 years of experience and expertise makes us unique in the PEMF industry.


Hippocampus ensures 100% QC-inspection during all phases of manufacturing – production, assembly, testing and pre-shipment.


We offer industry-leading quality and service with a competitive price tag. We are proud to say that even our first products are still functional and viable devices, and our service department makes sure that we always have replacement parts and accessories for earlier models.

Technical support

Hippocampus offers superior technical support. We reply within three working days to all questions and technical issues. Our engineers assist in software-related issues, and our clinical staff answer technology, protocol and use-related questions.

Customer satisfaction

Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority at Hippocampus. We try to quickly address any questions or concerns about our products, shipping, packaging, etc.

Distributors who speak your language

We have distributors from many countries around the world who come from the same cultural background and speak the same language as you. They are ready to make a personal connection with you and answer any of your questions.

Education and training

Hippocampus offers multiple training courses for those who want to learn more about BRT. We also offer training courses specifically for practitioners and care providers who intend to offer BRT in a professional medical or wellness center.

Gabor Lednyiczky

Founder and President of Hippocampus-Brt Ltd.
Developer of Bio-Regulation
Technology (BRT)

”My objective is to research, educate and collaborate with the scientific, clinical and public communities engaged in studying biophysical approaches in biology and medicine, to develop applications in Bio-Regulation Technology and other functional modalities and to make these technologies, devices and applications available to everyone.”

Meet the Team

Kati Lednyiczky

Managing Director

Kati Lednyiczky is the managing director of Hippocampus. For Kati, customer satisfaction is most important. She is responsible for all operations and business processes for the company, including finances, invoicing, registrations, licensing, shipping and documentation. She also oversees the entire Hippocampus employee base.

Ildiko Nagy

Business development and sales

Ildiko Nagy has many years of experience in business development, and she is the driving force behind sales and customer outreach. She is the main point of contact for any sales-related questions, and she provides customers with all information about product packages, prices and marketing tools.

Miklos Gerely

Digital marketing, education, and training 

Miklos Gerely manages the LENYO World social media presence, and does a great job of keeping customers and followers up-to-date with the latest news and information about PEMF and BRT technology. Miklos also provides detailed training for customers and users on our various software packaging – including applications and program/protocol selection. With Miklos’ help, customers learn to expertly use BRT technology and easily operate BRT devices.

Tibor Birtalan

Production and ISO certification, head of service departement 

Tibor Birtalan is responsible for production and device certification. He also supervises repair activities and supports technical service.

If something does go wrong with your PEMF-BRT device, please contact him.

Arpad Magyar

Technical services and quality control

Arpad Magyar’s main responsibility is quality control. He has been with the LENYO Team for more than 25 years, and knows about all of the generations of LENYO BRT devices. As our lead technician, Arpad is the go-to person for any technical issues. He decides on the best solution to fix a problem, and ensures that our customers have well-functioning, high-quality devices.  Arpad also supports repair activities.



Tamas Frank

Warehousing, parcel dispatch

Tamas Frank is responsible for making sure that all purchase and products are dispatched to customers quickly and safely.

Tamas works hard to make sure all orders arrive on time!

We are also grateful to have a wonderful manufacturing group here in Budapest, Hungary. Each and every member of the R&D and production teams strives to ensure that Hippocampus delivers the very best products.

It is always our goal that our products bring joy and satisfaction to our customers!



  • FDA-registered
  • ISO 9001:2009 certified worldwide
  • CE marked wellness device


LENYO devices are listed and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however they have not been evaluated by the FDA to cure or prevent any disease.

They are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They do provide general benefits recognized for biofeedback and PEMF-based therapy devices. Individuals suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician or healthcare professional before using any BRT device.

LENYO devices are CE-marked wellness devices listed with the FDA as CLASS 1 THERAPY DEVICES, and the LENYO CellCom is listed as a CLASS 2 BIOFEEDBACK THERAPY DEVICE. 

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