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The LENYO CellCom (LCC) BRT device is the most advanced device in the LENYO portfolio of BRT products. The LCC is a computer-controlled, endogenous, biofeedback device that captures the body’s own internally-generated information (signalling) via two input channels. Once the incoming signals have been captured, the LCC uses advanced BRT technology to slightly adjust that information and then feed it back to the body as modified signals. These adjusted signals create gentle electromagnetic field changes that support effective biological communications within the body. More specifically, BRT signals receive information from, and also target, select communication channels — Biological Windows (BW) – in order to clear blockages and restore communication pathways. Unblocked and well-functioning biological communications help the body more efficiently process electrical and chemical exchanges associated with those specific BW channels.

With more than 650 pre-loaded programs and over 600 protocols (tissue- and condition-specific), the LCC  can deliver highly-cutomized session while still being user friendly. Custom-made protocols can also be individually created or imported from other practitioners.

Due to the extremely profound impact on the information processing of the targeted biological subunits, LCC sessions are typically administered only once or twice (maximum) a week.

Via the LCC’s biofeedback function, the sensitivity and immediate adaptation tendencies of a person can be mapped from 1Hz to 1MHz range. The scanning provides a chance to identify which frequency range can be balanced, and the corresponding programs facilitate the necessary adaptation steps. 

Practitioners may use their EEG or neurofeedback devices, heart rate analysis devices, or simply monitor the changes of the pulse rate manually, for an immediate biofeedback test.

The Biofeedback function provides frequency-specific programs for supporting information processing in the identified frequency range.

The LCC also has an optional External Imprinter (EI) module for recording and storing the session’s information content.


Who can use the LENYO CellCom?
  • The whole family – from newborns to seniors
  • Care providers can administer LCC sessions to their clients independent of their age; only the duration and weekly frequency of the sessions vary depending on the adaptation capability of the client
  • LCC is versatile, can be combined with all therapeutic and wellness modalities; protocols include tissue specific and condition specific programs
  • Anyone who cares about their health and daily regeneration
  • Anyone who wants to improve and maintain their performance
  • Sport centers, clubs
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Pet, horse, livestock owners
What programs does LENYO CellCom have?
  • The LCC offers 761 automated BRT programs and over 600 protocols that deal with a variety of health and wellness areas. The LCC is designed to address physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing – both immediate and chronic — in everyday life and most situations*
    • Physical trauma, micro and macro injuries, bone breaks, inflammatory processes, muscle and joint problems
    • Rehab processes
    • Fatigue and exhaustion
    • Relaxation support
    • When the workload exceeds the regeneration capability of the organism
    • Metabolic activity and digestion-related issues
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Anti-aging
    • Mood and emotional problems, including anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, etc.
    • Addiction therapy support
    • Libido, sexuality
    • Hormonal system
    • Nervous system
    • Circulatory system
    • Respiratory system
    • Allergy and food sensitivities
    • Vitality
    • Performance optimization
    • Stress tolerance
    • Sleep quality
    • Immune system support
    • Flexibility, muscles, joints
    • Concentration, mental performance
    • Learning support, memory
    • Chinese and Oriental medicine: Meridian programs
    • Functional infertility
    • Menstruation-related disorders and other gynecology problems
    • Menopause
    • Electro-smog
    • Male sexuality related problems
    • Uro-genital system
    • Chemical sensitivity
    • Latrogenic injuries and side effects
    • Autism disorders
    • Spine and vertebral disc
    • Eye and vision acuity
    • Ear and hearing related issues
    • Infection
    • Inflammation
    • Lymphatic system
    • Neuro-degenerative diseases
    • Osteoporosis and bone quality
    • Pediatrics
    • Inner blocks
    • Scars
    • Sinusitis
    • Psoriasis
    • Auto-immune conditions
    • Joints specific applications
    • Alzheimer disease
    • Parkinson disease
    • Essential tremor
    • PANS and PANDA
    • Sleep support 1-2 x 3 óra
    • Digestive health
    • Athletic performance
    • Women’s health
    • Chronic pain-injury recovery
    • Mental balance
    • E-smog
    • Child development
    • Sick-building syndrome (SBS)
    • Environmental medicine

        *Names of the protocols and application fields do not indicate any claim to the direct improvement of the assigned conditions and physiological functions. These names define the specific adjustment and fine tuning of the device itself to the given condition or physiological function

    How to use the LENYO CellCom?
    • The LCC BRT device is controlled by a personal computer
    • Software selection is controlled with a single button
    • There are hundreds of pre-set protocols, and the user can also build new customized protocols for the clients
    • The LCC automatically stores all previously run session information (date, session duration, standard and customized protocols, etc.) which simplifies the daily application and helps document the client’s ongoing therapy plan/program
    • Pre-set protocols can be sent and received by e-mail; users and practitioners can exchange protocols
    • Sessions can be typically administered once or twice (maximum) per week
    • The local applicator pad is used behind the spine; the gold-plated electrodes are placed according to the software description
    • In addition to recording the signals received from the client’s body, the Input Cup can be used to add health/disease and metabolic activity-related substances
    • The External Imprinter (EI) module is for recording and storing the session’s information content
    • In order to avoid interference between the main electrical outlet and the computer’s electromagnetic field, the LCC is battery-operated and runs on a 12 Volt DC battery
    • The custom-built infrared connection provides noise-free communication with the computer
    • Every aspect of the use and operation of the LENYO CellCom BRT devices is covered during the introduction tutorial session, and every user receives personal training online
    • Extended training, consultation and  specialised workshops are available
    What are the advantages of the LENYO CellCom?
    • 661 programs and over 600 protocols
    • New protocols can be created and stored for an infinite number of users
    • Computer-controlled programming
    • A true biofeedback device which uses internally-generated (endogenous) signals picked up from the body
    • Electrodes use both electric and magnetic field components of the client
    • Electrodes are gold plated for better signal quality and for hygienic purposes.
    • The software is easy to understand and use
    • Fully-automated documentation — stores session history and practitioner’s notes
    • Audio feedback to indicate the beginning and end of each session
    • No need to remove the clothes for a session
    • Clients feel relaxed and comfortable during the session – any position can be used during the session — sitting, lying down, etc.
    • External Imprinter module makes it possible to use session information several days after the session is over
    • Long product life and warranty
    • Safe and non-invasive technology
    • Battery-operated — the LCC runs on a 12 Volt battery and is completely independent from the main electrical outlet
    • Custom-built infrared connection with the computer provides a stable connection and the magnetic attachment of the infrared device allows for perfect positioning on the back side of the LCC.
    • No direct thermal effect or heating of tissues; no direct generation of action potentials in the nerves
    • Ideal for care providers
    • Basic education and training is included in the purchase price
    • Low operation costs
    • Great price-to-value ratio
    • Made in the EU
    What are the product specifications?

    Model: LENYO

    Type: CellCom

    Principle of operation: Generating magnetic field, according to preset programs using input signals from the userreset programs

    Controls: PC

    Display: PC display

    Warning signals: End of program, low supply voltage  

    Number of programs: 553

    Number of outputs: 2

    Signal emitter: Pad (with built-in special radiators) Magnetic induction (on the surface of radiator): 10 μT (peak-to-peak amplitude of the fundamental harmonic in the whole range)

    Frequency range: 1 Hz – 1 MHz (-3dB)

    Harmonic bandpass: up to 5 MHz (-14 dB)

    Frequency rise and fall time: 0.1 sec – 102 sec (0.4 sec steps)

    Gain: -20 dB – +60 dB (1 dB step)

    Gain rise and fall time: 0.1 sec – 102 sec (0.4 sec step)

    Bandpass filter bandwidth: 0.1 Hz, 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz (-3 dB) within the whole frequency range

    Displayed data: All important program information, battery level

    Supply:  Rechargeable battery unit (7.2V, 600mA), The batteries can be charged exclusively removed from the device

    Charging adaptor: 12V DC adaptor 90V -240V AC / 50/60Hz, 25-30W

    Operating temperature:  +5 °C to +40 °C

    Storage temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C

    Relative humidity:  max. 80%

    Sizes signal generator[mm]:310 x 290 x 55 mm

    Mass: 250 g

    Manufacturer: Hippocampus-BRT Ltd.

    Made in: EU


    What type of support do I receive with my order?
    • A comprehensive product manual that provides detailed instructions on how to use the device
    • Educational videos and online workshops on various topics
    • After-sales service and technical support – both email and by telephone
    What is the warranty period?
    • The LENYO CellCom BRT device comes with a 3-year warranty for the main unit, and six months for the applicator pads and other accessories
    • As the original manufacturer of the BRT products, we provide direct servicing of all electronic parts for 10 years after the purchase date
    Do I require training on this device?
      • The LENYO CellCom is simple and easy to operate, but to really get the most out of it, you require training. This is included in the price of the product.
      • You can also participate in one of our online workshops. Please go to Products, and select the Training-Education tab to find our workshops on devices, technology and other topics.

      If you would like more help with your specific device or information on PEMF-BRT in general, we offer full after-sale service and technical support, message us at +36703827291 or email us at lenyo@lenyo.hu. You can also contact any of our distributors.

    Do you provide technical support?
      • Yes, we provide full after-sale service and technical support. For help with you specific device, or for more information about BRT in general,  please message us at +36 70335 0586 or email us at lenyo@lenyo.hu. You can also contact any of our distributors. 

    LENYO CellCom Device Sets

    LENYO CellCom PEMF Biofeedback device

    LENYO CellCom

    LENYO CellCom Basic set

    LENYO CellCom PEMF Biofeedback device

    LENYO CellCom With External Imprinter

    LENYO CellCom Full Set with same content as Basic set and an additional External Imprinter

    What is in included in a LENYO CellCom set?

    LENYO CellCom PEMF Biofeedback device

    LENYO CellCom Device

    1 pc

    This is the signal generator

    Size: 31 x 29 x 5,5 cm

    LENYO local pad PEMF

    LENYO M-Size Local Applicator Pad

    1 pc

    This applicator pad is for lower back application.

    Material: waterproof artificial leather

    Size: 30 x 56 cm

    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    LENYO CellCom Battery

    2 pcs

    This is chargable battery for the device.


    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    LENYO Infrared Port

    1 pc

    This is used for device-computer communication.

    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    Multilayer Electrode

    6 pcs



    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    Electrode Straps

    These straps are for attaching the electrodes to certain body parts.

    2 pcs for ankles, 4 pcs for wrist, 2 pcs for head, 4 pcs extension straps middle size, 2 pcs extension straps long size

    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    Coaxial Cable

    6 pcs

    Cables to connect the electrodes to the device.

    Size : 2 m

    LENYO CellCom PEMF device


    3 pcs

    Makes it possible to connect more cables to the same input or output plug



    Input Cup Cable

    2 pcs

    This is the connection cable for input cup application.



    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    Input Cup




    LENYO device case

    Power Adaptor

    This is the power adaptor to be connected to the device



    LENYO XL carry bag

    Adaptor Cable

    This cable is connected to the power adaptor and the mains socket

    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    USB-Mini USB Cable

    1 pc

    This is the connecting cable between the device and the infra red port

    LENYO S size local pad

    LENYO Pen Drive

    This contains the PC software and the User manual

    LENYO XL full body mat


    This is a laptop with the software already installed on it


    LENYO XL carry bag

    LENYO CellCom Carrying Bag

    This is the cover for the whole set

    Material: waterproof Polyester

    If you select the full LENYO CellCom set, you get an External Imprinter in addition to the Basic LENYO CellCom set

    LENYO CellCom PEMF device

    External Imprinter

    Optional module for recording and storing the session’s information content. Only included in LCC Full set


    Why order from Hippocampus?

    • We are the original manufacturer
    • We ensure 100% QC inspection during all phases of manufacturing
    • We offer industry-leading quality and service with a competitive price tag
    • We offer superior after-sale service and technical support. We reply within 48 hours to questions or technical issues
    • Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority. We try to quickly address any questions or concerns about our products, shipping, packaging, etc.

        Do you provide technical support?

        • Yes, we provide full after-sale service and technical support
        • Please message us at +36 70 3350586 or email us at lenyo@lenyolife.com
        • You can also contact any of our distributors

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