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LENYO offers practitioners, self-starters and business owners the opportunity to earn money on every product you sell.


Fill out the Reseller Questionnaire [ILDIKO: link] and return it to


An information sheet and a draft contract will be sent to you. After you have signed and returned the contract, you can start participating in the reseller training. After you have completed the training, you will be able to make your first reseller purchase.


Your first purchase amount* determines the value of your reseller discount for the first and all subsequent purchases.

*In order to receive the reseller discount, there is a minimum purchase value required on your first purchase. 


To maintain your status as a Reseller Partner, you must attend an online  training course two times a year in order to learn about new products, existing product updates, technology advances and company information. A certificate of attendance will be issued.


To help you with your BRT marketing efforts, we will supply you with digital promotional materials such as brochures, posters, information sheets and flyers .

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As a practitioner, business owner or entrepreneur, you’re always looking for a way to grow your company. The LENYO Reseller Partner Program can do just that! Become a reseller and form a unique partnership that can help improve your clients’ results, grow your business and offer additional revenue.

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